Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dog Fighting and Depravity

Caution: This post is off-topic a bit, possibly.

There have been a lot of images and reports recently in the media about the world of dog fighting for money or entertainment. This type of activity sickens me!!!

I know first-hand how dangerous and disturbing two fighting dogs can be. Unfortunately for my family, our two beloved corgis began to fight each other about a year ago. The occurrences started with a growl and a nip and ended (most recently) with blood and eye surgery. We decided to give away our female and keep our male (pictured above) for their safety and for my 4-year old son's safety.

Keep in mind that the dog fights I was witness to were between two household dogs that (for all other purposes) loved each other. The fights would only last a few seconds before we had to physically rip them apart amidst an unsavory spray of blood and saliva. Dogs can do a lot of damage to themselves and to others in a short period of time when their teeth and claws meet flesh. I suffered some severe (but not permanent) tissue damage from one dog bite that occurred when I tried to break my sweeties apart. (My vet says to never become mixed in a dog fight, but what can you do when you see your pets tearing each other apart and no other method is working?)

The thought that there are people that intentionally antagonize dogs to orchestrate a dog fight is a thought that victimizes me. When I hear about the incidents or see videos that precede a dog fighting ring being reported on the news, I want to vomit. The people that are involved in such an atrocious activity as dog fighting and derive some sort of pleasure from it are depraved. The pain that the act elicits is akin to torture. The individuals that take part in such psychotic acts are like the ancient Colosseum organizers that doomed Christians and gladiators, with the exception that these modern sadists lack creativity.


isabella mori said...

i totally get what you're talking about. i feel the same way about most horror movies.

i found your words that these events "victimize" you interesting. are you, then, a victim of these dog fights? if so, why give them so much power?

OCD On A Stick said...

Thanks for your comment. I don't feel like I'm a victim of the fights. I feel like I'm a victim of those people that stage dog fighting. I also feel like I'm a victim of the media, because I feel sometimes like I'm out of control of the things that my brain, eyes and ears are exposed to. Sometimes, I can't get to the TV fast enough to turn it off or turn the channel.